Video: Israel & The Sinai Desert

Video: Israel & The Sinai Desert
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The Holy Lands of Israel and the Sinai Desert sit at the crossroads of three continents - Asia, Africa and Europe - and of three great religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Jews have lived here for over 3,000 years, but the State of Israel was only created in 1948. It is called the Jewish Promised Land - the land of Jesus - and believed by many to be where Mohammed ascended to Heaven.

Traveller Justine Shapiro's journey through the Holy Land begins in Tel Aviv where she celebrates the start of Shabbat. Travelling through erusalem she journeys on to Hebron, capital of the occupied West Bank. She then crosses the border into the Sinai Desert before venturing south to Sharm el-Sheikh. Here, Justine scuba dives in the Red Sea amongst some of the world's most brilliant and amazing underwater scenery.

Along the way…

  • Meet travelers on a kibbutz near the Golan Heights
  • Spend the night in a stable in Jerusalem
  • Chill out in Dahab
  • Take a camel trek with the Bedouin
  • Climb Mount Sinai

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