DVD: Around The World
The Silk Road

DVD: Around The World<br>The Silk Road<br>(2-Shows)
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Part 1 - Xi’an to Kashgar

Megan McCormick travels along China’s section of the Silk Road trade route, exploring the country’s ancient past and dazzling future. Beginning in Xi’an, ancient China’s capital city, she visits the Terracotta Warriors, and the Muslim Market. Continuing through China’s Gansu Province she visits the oasis towns of Jiayuguan and Dunhuang. She then camel rides across Dunhuang’s sand dunes into Xinjiang, digs for jade in Khotan and visits the livestock market in Kashgar before ending her journey in the stunning Pamir Mountains at China’s Western border.

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Part 2 - Kashgar to Istanbul

Holly Morris continues our journey across the ancient Silk Road. Beginning in the mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan, she travels to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan before catching the train to the ancient city of Samarkand and the nearby city of Bukhara. She then treks through remote desert visiting Turkmenistan and the rarely seen ruins of ancient Merv. From here she travels to Azerbaijan, exploring Baku, before catching the train to Tbilisi in Georgia. From Tbilisi, Holly heads on to Konya in Turkey, capital of the ancient Seljuk Empire, travelling in a camel caravan. Her final destination and terminus of the Silk Road, is Istanbul.

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Along the way…

• Learn about the ancient explorers of Emperor Wudi

• Drink yak milk tea with a Kyrgyz tribe

• See a horse-riding festival in Kyrgyzstan

• Visit an ancient monastery in Georgia

Part of the Globe Trekker Around The World Series. Watch the Trailer here: