East Texas / West Texas
(2-Shows + bonus material)

East Texas / West Texas <br> (2-Shows + bonus material)
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Globe Trekking host Zay Harding presents two very special shows from the largest state in the contiguous USA. Join him and discover everything there is to know about Texas!

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East Texas

Zay Harding ventures across the eastern half of Texas, beginning in ‘cow town’ Fort Worth to discover everything about cowboys, guns and rodeos. He then visits the fashionable city of Dallas , and the scene of the Kennedy assassination. In the oil city of Kilgore learn about the oil boom of the 1930s. In Huntsville get a taste of Texas tough justice at the State Penitentiary. In Houston Zay visits NASA’s Johnson Space Centre and meets the fourth man to walk on the moon. He finishes the journey in the tiny town of Chappell Hill for the July 4th celebrations.

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West Texas

Join Zay in West Texas beginning in the state capital Austin where he discovers its vibrant arts and music scene. He then heads to San Antonio to explore the Alamo and spend the night in a haunted hotel. In El Paso, experience the multi-layered Latino charm of the city and get a taste of the old Wild West in the surrounding desert country. Zay then heads out along the famous Route 66, taking part in the gut busting Amarillo steak eating challenge before dropping by the Cadillac Ranch art installation and visiting the mysterious ghost town of Glenrio.

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Along The Way...

Learn the art of Rodeo Roping / Visit a Texas gun show / Travel the Butterfield Trail by stagecoach / Drive a 1960s Mustang

Bonus DVD Extra Treks in a Wild World - Canoeing the Rio Grande & Biking on the Kokopelli Trail (Utah)